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Oklahoma State University

Additional Sovereignty Resources

Click on the links below for additional resources regarding tribal nation Sovereignty

Map of Tribal Government Jurisdictions in Oklahoma

Leaders for 39 Sovereign Tribal Nations in Oklahoma as of July 2016

BBC WorldNews Hour - Tribal Sovereignty Panel

Indian Health Service Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

Journalism Student Tribal Sovereignty Project by Alli Owen, Samantha Mori, andCarli Goodrich

Oklahoma Tribal Pocket Guide

39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma Guide(s)

2015 State of Oklahoma Native American Tribal Nations - Annual Report by Chris Benge

Oklahoma Secretary of State - Compacts with Tribal Goverrnments in Oklahoma

TOGETHER - Tribal sovereignty is not a partisan issue - it's an American issue.

The Statewide Impacts of Oklahoma Tribes

Oklahoma Secretary of State- Tribal Government + Oklahoma Government Events

Indian Health Service Tribal Self Governance Program - what is it?

Different types of compacts between tribal governments and US government - Title V Compacting  vs. Title I Compacting under Indian Self Determination and Education Act

OU American Indian Law Review

The Leadership Conference

Myths and Realities of Tribal Sovereignty 

A Brief History of Sovereignty

The Continuing Vitality of Tribal Sovereignty

Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties

History of Tribal Self Government

Water Planning: An Opportunity for Managing Uncertainties at the Tribal State Interference

Inter-Tribal Fish Commisions

Native American Water Rights Settlement Database

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

Original Tribal Locations in North America

Guidelines for Writing an Informed Consent