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Oklahoma State University


FAQs for the Center

1.     Is there a preferred term for Native American/American Indian(s)?

Both terms are used interchangeably. 

2.     We hear the word “tribe” used at times, and other times we hear “sovereign tribal nation”. 

We use the words “sovereign tribal nation” to emphasize the fact that these “tribes” are governments which enjoy federal government status.  This becomes important when trying to understand whether city, state, or federal laws take precedence in many circumstances.  

Learn more at

3.     Do you only help American Indian students?
While our focus is connecting American Indian students and tribal nations to campus programs and resources, the Center for Sovereign Nations eagerly serves all students on campus.

4.     Do you only help students affiliated with Oklahoma tribes?
The Center for Sovereign Nations serves all students on campus, regardless of tribal affiliation.

5.     How can I get involved on campus?
Check out all of the American Indian or diverse student clubs and organizations on the “Getting Involved” tab of our website (main menu).  We link directly to each organization’s most updated web page.

You might also want to visit the Campus Life desk on the 2nd floor in the Student Union or to learn about all the ways to get involved at OSU.

6.     Where can I find scholarship information?
On our website, under the “Scholarships and Funding” page. . This page is actively updated and features scholarships and grants available to Native American students.

We provide links directly to OSU scholarships, tribal nation scholarships and other scholarship resources.

7.     Can you help me find employment?
A great way to find employment is to login or register on the website.  If you’re looking for an on-campus job, we can also connect you to a consultant in Career Services who specializes in student employment.  Just send an email to

If you are interested in employment with tribal nations, check the “Employment and Opportunities” tab on the left sidebar menu of our website for examples of tribal employment opportunities.

Also, check our social media for job postings and career fairs!

8.     Does the Center hire students?
Center student leaders are employed on a semester-by-semester basis.  Our team represents a variety of majors and tribal affiliations.   We believe that students serving students truly fits our three fold mission: Sovereignty, Students, and Partnerships.  Come spend time with us in our center so you can be the first to learn of openings. 

9.     I think I’m American Indian, but I don’t have a membership card or my CDIB (Certificate of Indian Blood).  Can you help me prove my ancestry?
Citizenship criteria vary by tribal nation.  Students who believe they are citizens of a specific tribal nation should contact the membership office for that nation.  Most tribal nations have websites which are easily discovered online. If you are unsure of which specific tribe may be your ancestors, the Oklahoma Historical Society can be a helpful resource for beginning your research. Their website is: